Ultra Soft silicone electric cable with Optical White cotton lining - RC01 round 2x0,75 mm

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So much more than simple electric cables with lining: the Creative-Cables silicone collection bring together the refined elegance of white cotton with the Ultra Soft sheath. The result? An electric cable with fabric lining with unprecedented flexibility. For stunning and fully customizable cables that prevent unsightly folds and guarantees straight falls for any suspension lamp.

What’s the main difference between the silicone and traditional cables?

Compared to the traditional cables with PVC sheath, the Ultra Soft silicone cables are incredibly flexible and versatile. Say goodbye to curling and wrinkled cables without compromising on safety and performance.

The advantages of silicone cables: what sets them apart?

The silicone Ultra Soft electric cable in white cotton lining is extremely flexible thanks to the special sheath that provides elasticity without compromising on the performance found in our traditional fabric cables. This makes it the ideal product for any use that requires a versatile, flexible cable.

How will these white cables impact your surroundings?

The white cotton RC01 used as a covering for the cables will allow you to customize the look of your lamps or illumination systems for any setting. White: a refined and charming colour that will bring timeless elegance to your lighting installations in every corner of your home or commercial space.

Attention: the cable is sold by the metre, multiple orders will be delivered in one whole part up to a maximum of 50 metres.

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Technical specifications for Ultra Soft cable:

Electric cable for illumination with RC01 White cotton lining.
H05SS-F/X 300/500V 2x0,75.
IMQ-HAR Quality Mark.
Compliant with EN 50525-2-83 RoHS 2011/65/UE REACH 1907/2006.
Diameter: 7 mm 2x0,75.
Product compliant with all Italian and European safety standards..

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UseUltra Soft Lamp cord
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