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The porcelain wall Schuko socket was designed with high-quality materials to ensure safety and durability. This socket has a 250V rated voltage which allows it to sustain a current up to 16A. It also comes with a Schuko socket which enables connections between any device with two-pole plugs and an earthing contact.

What does Schuko porcelain socket mean?

A Schuko porcelain socket is a two pole grounded socket made from black or white-coloured porcelain. This kind of socket is often used in domestic settings, or any environment where thorough safety and resistance levels are needed; this is because porcelain is highly resistant to heat and mechanical stress. Thanks to its elegant shape and design, as well as its brilliant simplicity, it can also be used as a decorative element in modern and refined spaces.

What are the benefits of using Schuko porcelain socket?

Porcelain is renowned for its ability to withstand high temperatures and resist chemical changes. This makes it an ideal material to use in electrical systems and components like sockets, isolator and junction boxes.

What are the safety characteristics of the Schuko porcelain socket?

is equipped with protective screens to prevent accidental or intentional access to active components, ensuring greater safety during use. In addition, porcelain is an isolating material, capable of preventing potential short circuits in any electrical installation.

Why choose a Schuko porcelain socket?

Available in black or white finish, this socket is the ideal solution for those looking to create an electrical system with a vintage allure, without having to compromise on safety and functionality. This socket is long-lasting and reliable thanks to its porcelain build, which is more refined and resistant compared to ceramic. It’s also easy to install and even easier to use thanks to the ergonomic shape and standard Schuko connector.

Is the Schuko socket suitable for all kinds of home?

This Schuko socket is suitable for all kinds of homes because of its compatibility with a vast range of electrical systems. The component is made from porcelain, which is durable and hard-wearing, therefore designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability. It’s often used in both domestic and professional environments, but before installing a porcelain Schuko socket always make sure it’s compatible with your electrical system. If you have any concerns make sure to contact a professional electrician.

To sum it up, the Schuko wall socket is the ideal option for those seeking a safe and sturdy electrical connector, as well as for vintage enthusiasts looking to create a nostalgic ambiance in their homes.

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Schuko 2P+T 16A porcelain wall socket (italian/german socket):

  • Measurements: Ø 65 mm, h 50 mm
  • Black or white colour
  • CE Quality Mark
  • Rated voltage: 250 Volt AC
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Rated current: 16 A
  • Connection type: Screw clamp

Wall attachment - Screws and dowels included


  • Limited to indoor use
  • Contact professional help before installing
  • To use in illumination systems with traditional sockets
  • Only use double insulation fabric cables (see Creative-Cables selection)
  • The first isolator/wall attachment must be positioned at a maximum distance of 5 cm from the socket, junction box or diverter. The others must be positioned at 80/100 cm intervals.
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