UV resistant round electric cable with zig-zag Turquoise SZ11 fabric lining for outdoor use - Compatible with Eiva Outdoor IP65


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Thinking of making your outdoor spaces more functional, welcoming and colourful? We have the perfect solution for you: the outdoor UV resistant cable in turquoise fabric lining, with zig-zag pattern. Not only is this cable compatible with the IP65 EIVA system, which guarantees protection against water and rain, it’s also UV resistant.,

Which material was used for these cables?

Our outdoor UV resistant cables are equipped with a flexible conductor in red electrolytic copper with a double elastomeric rubber coating which allows the product to withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to +60°C.

How can I use this turquoise cable in my outdoor spaces?

When used as lining for UV resistant cables, the turquoise zig zag fabric will help you customise your outdoor spaces by adding panache and personality. A vibrant, unique colour which radiates a sense of calm and strength and easily complements any lighting installation.

Are these cables compatible with the EIVA IP65 Outdoor illumination system?

The entire collection of outdoor UV resistant cables was designed with the EIVA Outdoor illumination system in mind. Pair your cables with your favourite lamp holder, rose (or plug) and with a lampshade by browsing our website, and create your own suspension lamps by customising them down to the last detail.

What makes these cables so reliable?

The Creative-Cables outdoor UV resistant cables are 100% Made in Italy and IMQ-HAR certified. The design and material choice aimed to achieve three targets: safety, flexibility and weather-resistance.

What does UV resistant cable actually mean?

It means the fabric used to line these cables was designed to not only endure but fully resist UV rays, which make up around 10% of sunlight. The colour of UV resistant cables remains vibrant and doesn’t tend to fade over time, even when they are consistently exposed to sunlight. This also means that prolonged exposure to sunlight will not result in the deterioration of the product’s materials and performance.

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2x1,00 neoprene cable H05RN-F with fabric lining.

Diameter 7,6mm 2x1,00 in Turquoise Polyester SZ11.
Normative reference EN 50525-2-21.
European Low Voltage Directive No. 2014/35/UE.
IMQ-HAR Certified No. CA01.00683.

Flexible conductor class 5 in red electrolytic copper, compliant with IER 60228 regulation.
Insulation EI 4 elastomeric Rubber compliant with 50363-1 EN regulation.
Insulation colour compliant with HD 402 and EN 50525-1 regulations.
External sheath EM 2 elastomeric Rubber compliant with EN regulation 50363-2-1.
Sheath colour Black.

Product compliant with all Italian and European safety regulations..

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