Connection kit with cable protection box and double cable clamps


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The connection kit for suspension with flush-mounted ceiling rose enables fast and secure connections.

The plastic box acts as insulation, protecting the connectors inside. It is also equipped with two cable clamps, one on each side, which ensure the safety and solidity of the cables in the event of any external stresses.

By concealing the connection inside the plasterboard ceiling, you can replace a classic ceiling rose with the recessed one and have a simple and minimalist connection.

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Technical specifications of connection kit with protection box and double cable clamp:
Length: 62 mm
Width: 34 mm
Height: 21 mm

1 connector - 2 inputs per pole
Number of inputs per side: 6
Permissible cable cross-section from 0. 75 mm2 to 2.5 mm2
Nominal voltage: 450 V
Nominal current: 24 A
Maximum permissible ambient temperature according to EN 60998: 85° C
Suitable for class 1 luminaires.

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