LED Light Bulb Clear Edison ST64 7W 806Lm E27 2700K Dimmable – T02


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A bulb with the unmistakable Edison ST64 shape, reminiscent of old TV tubes, yet encapsulating modern LED filament technology. The T02 is the right bulb for those seeking a dimmable product with a transparent finish and excellent value for money.

What features does this bulb offer?

The T02 is perfect for creating a bright ambiance without straining the eyes or altering colors. It has a power of 7 watts, equivalent to about 60 watts of old incandescent bulbs. The T02 LED bulb produces a brightness of 806 lumens and emits warm white light with a temperature of 2700K. Its long filaments also reduce shadow areas, ensuring more uniform light distribution. Thanks to LED technology allowing for adjustable light intensity, the T02 bulb can increase or decrease brightness as needed (dimmable). Through its E27 base, it can easily be used with most lamp holders.

Where can these bulbs be used?

The T02 bulbs, with their timeless design, add elegance and refinement to the lighting of any environment. They can be used as wall sconces in the living room, table lamps in the study, or even as the centerpiece of a chandelier in the lounge. They fit perfectly in any room - whether domestic or commercial - transforming it with their warm white light.

What technology does the T02 use?

The underlying technology of these bulbs is LED filament technology, which significantly enhances energy efficiency, leading to savings of up to 90% compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, the T02 boasts a lifespan exceeding 15,000 hours, ensuring reliable light for an extended period.

Illuminate your spaces with the vintage elegance of the transparent Edison ST64 bulb, 7W 806Lm E27 and 2700K. Create welcoming and charming environments in every corner of your home or commercial establishment.

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Bulb Type: LED
Shape: Edison
Base: E27
Diameter: 64 mm
Length: 140 mm
Voltage: 220/240 V
Wattage: 7 W
Energy Class: E
Color Temperature: 2700 K
Lumen: 806 Lm
Dimmable: Yes

Our dimmable straight filament bulbs are capable of functioning with all trailing EDGE technology DIMMERS.

When choosing a dimmer: In addition to the user's maximum power consumption, the minimum power consumption should also be considered. If the regulated power is lower than the minimum specified power, the user may experience flickering and/or damage.

Data sheet
Diameter64 Ø
Light bulb typeLed
Color Temperature2700°K
Volt220V, 240V
Energy Efficiency ClassE
ShapeEdison, Edison
Opening Beam360°
Lumen806 Lm
Glass colorTransparent, Transparent
BrandBebulbs, Bebulbs
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