Portable and rechargeable Cabless02 Lamp with G125 Globe light bulb

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Portable and versatile, with a hemispherical base and wooden lamp holder with metallic extension: Cabless02 is a classy lighting solution which can be used in any corner of your home without the need of a socket nearby thanks to its rechargeable battery (Li-ion 18650 battery). This fully modular product is available in different finishes and allows you to switch light bulbs based on the mood or occasion. Our personal favourite is the subtle yet charming clear G125 globe light bulb.

What makes the portable and rechargeable Cabless02 lamp so special?

This Creative-Cables portable lamp with painted or natural wooden base is made in Italy and powered by a rechargeable battery. Use it to effortlessly light up your terrace, nightstand, kitchen counter and so much more… and when it needs recharging just connect it to a wall plug, power bank or laptop with a USB-C cable.

Cabless02 features

This table or desk lamp comes with an elegant hemispherical base and a 15 cm long metallic extension. For the base or lamp holder choose from the three finishes available: natural wood (in which you’ll catch a glimpse of the alder used to create it), black or white.If the base is black or white the metallic extension will be matching, whilst for the natural wood base we decided to go for a brushed titanium finish. On top of this, with Cabless02 you will be able to choose from a range of 5 volt LED light bulbs, and switch them up whenever they reach the end of their life cycle or if you feel like a change of mood.
And last but not least, the brass touch power button, which adds a gorgeous finishing touch to the product.

Is this lamp dimmable?

Yes, just press the button to choose from three brightness intensity levels for your Cabless02 lamp. Find the right lighting for every occasion.

Why choose the Cabless02 lamp?

Thanks to the replaceable light bulb and rechargeable battery the Cabless01 lamp is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a portable lamp which adapts to any situation. Available in three finishes to guarantee full versatility.

The Cabless02 lamp is Made in Italy: a prestigious guarantee, symbol of worldwide excellence.

More details

More info

The portable and rechargeable Cabless02 lamp is composed of:

Base for Cabless02 lamp in selected finish:

  • Base measurements: Ø 100mm, h 50mm
  • Nominal voltage: 5V
  • Class: III
  • CE Quality Mark

Average battery autonomy: 12 hours with 3350 mA battery
Charging time: 5 hours.
Recharging the battery? No need to remove the lamp from the base, just connect a USB-C cable to the lamp itself.

Made in Italy

15 cm extension tube in selected finish

Wooden lamp holder in selected finish:

  • Measurements: Ø 50 mm, h 65 mm
  • Fitting: E27 smooth max 4W

Light bulb [BB-B04]: LED, clear, G125, 5V, 1,3W, 110Lm, 2500K, E27, Ø 125mm, h 178mm, dimmable

Attention: only compatible with 5 volt E27 light bulbs and with Li-ion 18650 battery (included). Charging accessories not included.

Data sheet
MoodNatural, Modern, Minimal
Product typeTable lamp
MaterialWood, Metal
Light bulbYes
LampshadeWithout lampshade
Light rangeDiffused
Opening Beam360°
Color Temperature2500°K
Lumen110 Lm
Number of light points1
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