Eiva Snake Pastel, portable outdoor lamp, 5 m textile cable, IP65 waterproof lamp holder and plug


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Snake is the Creative Cables solution that allows you to bring light wherever you want, now also in your outdoor spaces!
Eiva Snake Pastel is made with the components of our Eiva System: high quality components with IP65 protection rating, water and rain resistant, entirely designed, engineered and patented by Creative-Cables.

Eiva Snake Pastel is a lamp that can be hung outdoors and which, thanks to its 5-metre cable, can be easily used for a variety of purposes: rolled arund a tree branch or placed on a pergola or terrace. The design of this outdoor lamp is completed by the Eiva soft-touch silicone lamp holder covers from the Pastel line, available in a variety of finishes.

Eiva Snake Pastel is ready to be installed: all you have to do is plug it in to light up your outdoor tables!
You can buy the Eiva Snake Pastel complete with a Globo G125 Led bulb, or you can be creative and choose the bulb from our catalogue!

WARNING: The EIVA lamp holder is designed for glass LED light bulbs only and has been tested as compatible with the A60, ST64, G95 and G125 bulb shapes that guarantee rating of IP65 protection.
The compatibility range is being extended and is currently being tested.

Each Creative-Cables lamp is designed, and assembled in Italy and is tested and CE certified by independent laboratories according to the strictest regulations in force: one more reason for choosing Creative-Cables quality.

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Eiva Snake Pastel, outdoor lamp:
5 m of 2x1.00 neoprene outdoor IP65 cable in the selected colour
1 smooth EIVA E27 IP65 lampholder
Material: black thermoplastic pre-filled with insulating gel
Degree of protection: IP65
Certifications: CE.
1 Pastel soft touch silicone lampholder cup in the selected finish
1 Schuko plug for Eiva system:

Quick-connect cable clamp MAX 3G2,5 H07RN-F
Rated current: 16A
Degree of protection: IP44
Poles: 2P+T

Made in Italy

Lamp matched to each finish:
Finishing Sugar paper blue [Ref. DL7001100DA] : LED, Globe G125, transparent, long filament, E27, Ø 125 mm H 178 mm, 220/240V, 4W, Class A+, 2200 K, 400 Lm, Dimmable
Lawn green finish [Ref. CBL700725]: LED, Globe G125, emerald, spiral filament, E27, Ø 125 mm H 175 mm, 220/240V, 5W, Class A, 2200 K, 280 Lm, Dimmable
Finishes Salmon / Mustard [Ref. DL700134] : LED, Globo G125, Smoky Grey, spiral filament, E27, Ø 125 mm H 175 mm, 220/240V, 5W, Class B, 2000 K, 150 Lm, Dimmable

Data sheet
Color Temperature2200°K
Lumen400 Lm
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