Introducing the Springbok SnakeBis

From Italy with Love

Our colleagues in Turin, back at head office, were inspired by the new Springbok Cable and made a creation for themselves, inspired by the resilience and fighting spirit of the Springboks. We really liked it so we decided to make it a special product available here in South Africa.

The SnakeBis in South African flavor

The SnakeBis is the evolution of the Snake, one of our most popular products: the easy fix that allows you to bring light with you anywhere you desire. It is available in stock, just add the lightbulb (we suggest an emerald green one) and decide how many you want and it will be on its way.

SnakeBis (light bulb excluded)

SnakeBis wiring with lamp holder and fabric cable - Springbok ERM69

R 624.00

LED Emerald Light Bulb

Edison ST64 Curved Double Loop Filament - 5W E27 Dimmable 2200K

R 542.00

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