Be Creative - The Lamps of L’Arte della Luce

artedellaluce 1
L’Arte della Luce is a new creative entity, born in Vittorio Veneto, province of Treviso, from the mind and imagination of Mariachiara Marzoli, who produces handmade lamps. Vivacious colors and bright lights play together and are the key to interpreting all of her creations: painted lampshades, vases of light, multicoloured pencil suspensions, found object lamps, custom lamps, and even children's lamps. Every object that "adorns" the light always does so through colour.
For her creative process, Mariachiara carefully selects each material, preferring ecological paints and using strictly certified electrical parts. With this in mind, Chiara has turned to Creative-Cables: our fabric cables, available in more than 150 different models, are in fact ideal for coordinating with the imaginative colours of her creations while at the same time complying with the strictest safety regulations.

More information on the works of L'Arte della Luce is available on the atelier’s website.
Posted on 07/13/2017 Be Creative!