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  • R 3,221.00 Restocking
    Are you looking for a solution to light your terrace dining table? Would you like an outdoor lamp for your porch? Would you like to create a unique atmosphere in your garden with lighting that reflects your style? With EIVA pendant lamps you can finally change the look of your outdoor spaces with the safety of a Made in Italy and completely water...
  • R 96.00 Available
    Haai! Introducing the instantly recognisable colours of the most important rugby team in South Africa. The Springbok fabric covered Vertigo braided lighting cable is here! The perfect finishing touch for any rugby themed room, occasion, event or store. Designed in Italy, the Vertigo cables collection recognises the iconic artwork from Alfred Hitchcock's...
  • R 1,895.00 Out of stock
    The Posaluce Cubetto MoCo cube bedside table lamp is a fun and interesting light. The range was designed by specialist designer Irena Übler. The lamp is made primarily from attractive, bright and hardwearing cork from the Portuguese region of Alentejo. The neutral colour means this cube table lamp will match most surroundings. The warm eco-friendly...
  • R 524.50 Restocking
    If you want to start taking your first steps in home automation and in the world of smart homes without having to replace components of your lamps, this Smart Wifi bulb is the solution for you! A classic LED drop-shaped bulb with visible filaments, but "smart" because it can be controlled remotely via the Smart Life app installed on any smartphone or...
  • R 580.00 Available
    Archet(To) is Creative-Cables patented and made in Italy solution to create a suspended lamp that can be hung wherever you want. Its shape that resembles an arch (a bracket? A smile?) makes it possible to hang a lamp onto a wall, even with a lampshade with a 70 cm maximum diameter and a 3,365 maximum weight: Archet(To) bends according to the weight it is...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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